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Renew yourself with therapeutic massage and the magic of healing plants

Your herbal massage

Several massage techniques can be used separately or blended together to provide you with the experience that best suits your personal needs.

When you come for your massage, we will discuss your goals for the session — typically pain relief, relaxation, or some combination of the two. We will adapt to how you are feeling that day, both physically and emotionally.

Green Thumbs Massage uses primarily Swedish massage strokes, combined with other techniques as appropriate. When Americans think of massage, they think of Swedish massage, a combination of methods for softening the muscles can be applied lightly for relaxation or more deeply to iron out problem areas that have been causing pain. Swedish massage is widely used because it's so effective, especially in cases of pain caused by chronic muscle tension or acute injury. If you do have deeper work done, remember that it's especially important to drink lots of water to hydrate your body. It's also very helpful to stretch.

Herbs can be amazingly powerful when we find the right therapeutic plants to match your needs. They can reduce brain chatter, alleviate pain, increase circulation, elicit a relaxation response, and increase general feelings of wellness. Herbs can cool us when we're overheated, warm us when we're cold, and support us emotionally in the most astounding ways.

The Green Thumbs Massage treatment room is designed to make you feel like you're in Nature. One of the most powerful, healing gifts we can give ourselves is quiet time among the trees and the wildflowers, soaking up the healing energy that flows in wild places and heals our souls.




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