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"I can’t possibly describe how much better I am functioning and feeling since I started at your office! The attention you give to the whole person is phenomenal, and I swear the herbs and flower essences have done me wonders – I’m beginning to think they (and you) were my ‘missing link’! Thank you Thank you Thank you!" — J.S., Winterset

"I have already had several massages at Green Thumbs with great results. The massages are working out the kinks in my sore spots while also soothing my nerves and calming my mind. What a bargain – I find it a great way to actually make progress on that ever-present item on my to-do list – 'take better care of myself.' Brenda does a great job of locating the tension & working it out." — N.T., Winterset

"I wholeheartedly recommend massages with Brenda to everyone. Not only does she give you a fabulous healing massage, but she really cares about the stresses in your life and how they are affecting your health and well-being. Not only is Brenda great with whole-body massage, but she uses deep-tissue massage on problem areas and is wonderful with reflexology. I have a ton of stress in my life right now, and Brenda has given me numerous useful suggestions that have enhanced and de-stressed my life. She has been a lifesaver to me. I think I get as much from our conversations as I do from the massages. Of course, the massages are wonderful and so relaxing. Enjoy!" — C.H., Urbandale

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