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Flower essence consultations

Physical discomforts in our bodies, including muscular tensions, often are caused by underlying emotional issues. For instance, people working in stressful office environments frequently hold that stress in their shoulders; people trying to control their situations rather than flowing with life may experience tightness in their low backs or glutes.

Flower essences can be used for emotional support, helping people enjoy more happiness, ease and fulfillment in their lives. This can translate into relief of physical symptoms. Green Thumbs Massage clients have successfully used flower essences to ease a variety of dis-ease patterns, including inflamed muscles caused by general agitation, and fibromyalgia pain triggered by repetitive anxious thoughts. Flower essences also can help us release unhelpful emotional patterns, such as co-dependence.

The essences are completely safe and have no contraindications. They are made simply, often by floating pristine blossoms in spring water in the sunshine. A materialist scientist would say that they should not affect us, yet when we find the right essences, we can feel the emotional vibrations that are carried in the water.

All Green Thumbs Massage clients may choose to incorporate flower essences in their massage sessions to enhance the massage experience. For longer-lasting results, clients may opt to use the essences at home as part of their personal self-care regimens.

Customized flower essence plans can be developed in separate sessions, available by appointment. Rates are:

• $60 for a 60-minute consultation, with 2-3 dosing bottles to take home;

• $40 for a 30-minute follow-up consultation, with 1-2 dosing bottles to take home.

Green Thumbs Massage uses the traditional Bach flower essences from England, Spirit-In-Nature flower essences made with the blossoms of sacred fruits and vegetables, and the powerful essences of North American medicinal herbs from Delta Gardens.

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